First impressions count, and 99% of the time this phrase is very true. Let's take this situation: You just arrived in a city and are looking for a flat to rent or buy. The estate agents give you many options, but we are convinced that you will only value those options in which everything is clean and in place. Such things are most noticeable when it looks like an expert hand has had the taste and the delicacy of decorating it to make it more appealing to the real estate market.


So, if most of the products we buy have been subjected to a marketing process, why not do the same with a home? Present your home correctly, functionally and comfortably and get the waiting days for a sale reduced from 130 to 35. And the negotiation rate, goes from 9% to 3%. This is thanks to the power of the first impression which captivates the future owners in seconds.

All this deception or staging will leave your home looking like a magazine show case, with the ultimate goal of getting the attention of buyers, sellers or renters. This is what we mean when we are talking about Home Staging.


Home Staging, is not only based on decorating, lighting or distribution of the furniture will also make the most of the space. It also helps us to disguise those little flaws that only the inhabitants of a house know about.

Let's see, we know that we have not discovered anything new, because cleaning your house a bit when you want to rent or sell it has been done all your life, but going that one step further makes us go from a simple clean to a thorough grooming where there is no lack of detail. It began in the 70’s due to the great competition that was generated in real estate markets such as the United States.

sofa 2

Although this technique began to be implemented in Europe after 1990, Spain did not undertake this until the end of 2000 when the first companies to offer this type of specialised service began to appear. Services that take care of everything, from cleaning to the smallest of detail in decoration, and whose rates range between €5,000 to €10,000.

With Home Staging no reformation was required, but just small changes. The most common is to clear the house, and 'depersonalise' it, that is, to create neutral and universal environments, modern spaces, bright and pleasant areas, where pieces such as armchairs and sofa take on the importance they deserve in a place called home.

With these environments, we will not only get any potential buyer to feel identified whilst avoiding the client to see empty spaces, but they imagine living there with all the amenities at their fingertips...

sofa 4

So if you are thinking about selling or renting your house, make Home Staging part of your process, and keep in mind all these details so that the process is as effective as possible. Because, just in case you had not noticed, with a little decoration, you can get incredible results.