Every home has its own lifestyle. When you cross the threshold, everything you see gives you the inside story on the people who live there: personality, lifestyle, personal tastes and preferences.

Alhambra 04 (sofa) Collection · Alhambra 01 (pouffe) · Alhambra 04 - Hydra 01 (cushions) in Book 18-19 from Rustika by Aquaclean.



One of the rooms providing the most signs about the host is the living room, the hub for social life in the home and the prime example of tastes and preferences. So, the shape of the sofa, or the armchairs, the fabric they've chosen, the colour, the textures, the cushion fabric, the curtains, maybe even the pouffe, are no minor issues, since these elements perfectly define the space and surroundings the homeowner intended for this room.

That's why we'd like to offer you some clues about what kinds of sofas or armchairs are best for you, depending on the lifestyle you lead, your personal tastes and the overall decoration in your home. Read on, and don't miss out on anything...



If white, black and grey are the major colours in your winter wardrobe, or if you prefer a nice plain wall and you also think that less is more, your decorative style is probably minimalist.

Fantasy 336 Collection (sofa) · Capriccio 336 (armchair) · Fantasy 336 (cushions and pouffe) in Fashion Text 18 from Visual Textures by Aquaclean.



If you happen to have space restrictions, and you want to maximise your surface area without overdoing it, your best bet is to find a two-seater sofa in a modern kind of style. Choose a neutral colour you won't easily get tired of within your overall colour palette, and just liven it up with a cushion that's a little more striking or daring, offering a touch of colour. That way, you'll get a comfortable, simple and practical space, just like you!



Dinner with friends, birthdays, family Christmas and party Saturdays. If you love acting as the perfect host for events like these, and getting your family and friends together at the slightest suggestion, the best sofa style for you is a chaise longue if you don't have too much space, or an L-shaped two or three seater sofa if you have a little more room.

In either case, you're sure to make things really comfy so that your guests will always remember how wonderfully you organised the evening.



If you're one of those people who can't wait to get home alone and enjoy a good book, a movie or hang out on the Internet, you should try and get a one-seater throne of your own.

But watch out! Once you discover the pleasure of relaxing in a comfortable armchair or wing chair, it might be tough for you to share a sofa again.

Alhambra 11 (sofa) Collection · Daytona 102, 156 - Alhambra 01 (cushions) in Book 18-19 from Rustika by Aquaclean.



Last but not least, our salute to lovers of the classics, because you're the ones who have made the retro look more fashionable than ever.

If you're into collecting decorative one-offs, accessories or furniture from street markets or furniture restoration workshops, the Chester sofa is undoubtedly the best option for you.

It's a classic that is now more fashionable than ever, and one that every vintage lover should have in their living room. Although they're not the most comfortable model in the world for taking naps, there's no doubt about their style – it's striking, unmistakable and bold, giving your lounge that elegantly retro touch harking back to American films from the 50s.

Well now, have you decided what kind of sofa style you're really into?