For us, Aquaclean was a revolution, because our major customers are families”.

Ana María Hanze is an interior designer from Ecuador who, together with her team, offers integral services for renovation, decoration and interior design. Ana María began her professional career studying Social Communication and Marketing, but it didn't take her long to realise that interior design was really her thing.

It was in 2012, after receiving training in Architecture and Interior Design, when she founded AMHA DESIGN, the most ambitious project of her career, which she now shares with a team of 12 professionals from sectors such as architecture, design, sales and marketing.

For Ana María, creativity and aesthetics have always been the two critical concepts in her daily life, first as a customer herself, and secondly as a professional in the interior design sector. And in her search to offer excellence to her clients, Ana María discovered Aquaclean.

Today, fabrics like Aquaclean are great options for dining rooms, family rooms, and even for main rooms where clients already knows that if they receive guests and a glass of wine is dropped, nothing bad is going to happen.”.

For her and her team, Aquaclean has become the benchmark textile choice, representing a before and after in interior design and decoration, not only for the residential sector, but for the contract market as well. For upholstering sofas, armchairs, dining chairs, headboards or even for vertical decoration, Aquaclean fabrics are essential elements for AMHA DESIGN because of the reliability and peace-of-mind provided by this Spanish brand to each and every one of her customers.

Aquaclean … has become a standard, because the benefit of a fabric that never gets dirty, that cannot be scratched, and that offers such a good price…, well, clients simply don't understand why they would use any other option”.