Aquaclean® Technology enters Japan through the front door thanks to the design studio of Mikiya Kobayashi, a renowned Japanese designer and interior designer who has created, exclusively for the Japanese market, a collection where they combine perfectly the tradition with the modernity of the colours and textures of the east.

This new collection, which is proving to be a success among Japanese interior designers, is composed of 4 designs, HIKA, NOHARA, JIU and MACHI. These designs are born from the experience and conceptual capacity that the designer has wanted to profile in each one of them. Kobayashi has been inspired by natural elements and very close to our day to day living, achieving a perfect balance between the most cosmopolitan of lifestyles and the most natural. Drops of rain, reflections on a cobbled street after the rain, cherry blossoms or the wind shaking a field of barley, are the basis of elegant, innovative and trendy designs, which are becoming a reference in the sector Japanese textile.

HIKA, NOHARA, JIU and MAKI provides us with a glorious past thanks to the extraordinary combination of their tones, but at the same time they are very current, due to the right selection of textures which complete them, making them a must in all kinds of environments, not only domestic, but also contract and authorised prestigious sellers.

In addition, this new collection also has our innovative Aquaclean® Technology, an implicit treatment within the fabric that helps us to eliminate occasional stains from day to day life in a very simple way with just a little water, allowing you to enjoy your sofa perfectly as if you had just got it.