From a small desk to a fully personalised office, the JUSTCO company offers flexible solutions for workspaces and co-working to satisfy the needs of its clients, contributing to creating a prosperous community where interaction, innovation and collaboration can be fostered.

With 15 offices in the finest areas of Singapore, JUSTCO believes in the idea that success is based on the power of connectivity. JUSTCO creators, therefore, invest lots of time looking for the perfect location for each new co-working centre, and also in actually designing the workspaces to promote the values ​​of the company amongst its membership network.

Focusing on a design philosophy where simplicity, quality and productivity are essential, JUSTCO ranks the comfort and well-being of its members as extremely important. To achieve this, they use leading national and international brands, choosing the best to decorate each of their environments and create special areas where people can enjoy unique experiences.

The design and interior decoration team does a fantastic job choosing materials and colours depending to each location to integrate JUSTCO spaces in with their surroundings, focusing on everything down to the smallest detail to create the ideal environment for their customers.

One of their fetish materials are our Aquaclean collections, which are used to upholster chairs, armchairs and sofas in communal and meeting areas, offering not only a soft, pleasant touch, but also a display of colour, combined with works of art and murals to inspire creativity amongst users of this type of facility.

Every JUSTCO space is designed to provide an environment that offers its users the perfect balance between comfort, collaboration and community.