BEE CHENG HIANG, the well-known Bakkwa brand in Singapore, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and South Korea, has renovated its flagship store in Singapore to offer customers an integral gastronomic experience, converting it into the new BEE CHENG HIANG GRILLERY BISTRO

Using different materials, the design managers of this interiors project strove to create a variety of environments and turn them into unique spaces where customers can enjoy the multiple varieties of Bakkwa offered by the firm ― which  number quite a few.

Woody colours, mink, grey, black and gold have been combined to perfection to establish a beautiful balance in this bustling space, which after the renovation has become one of the best bistros in the city.

One of the spaces enjoying the most success is the cellar, a glazed area open to public view and enabling customers to enjoy exclusive wines from Bordeaux. This has become a central decorative element, around which the creative concept for everything else in the decoration project revolves.

Moreover, the interior design team chose the Nordic collection by Aquaclean for upholstering their chairs, trusting our brand once again and our Aquaclean Technology®, which guarantees the quality of our products ― now benchmark names in the textile sector. It was certainly the right choice, not only because these fabrics are so easily cleaned, but also for their durability and minimal maintenance.

BEE CHENG HIANG is a company that produces Asian foods which are particularly based on Singapore cuisine. This company has quite a success story since it started out with a market stall way back in 1933. Over the years, the company has expanded operations to over 260 points of sale located throughout Asia.