Hand in hand with HUDDLE Furniture in the UK, Aquaclean has filled the heart of one of Southsea's most exclusive schools with colour and inspiration. The project called for very specific characteristics which the interior design studio managed to capture to perfection.

“We were asked to create a bright and welcoming dining room for students and reflect the school’s very high standards – an area where students would love to meet, eat, study and join in with club life. In addition, it had to be easy to clean and maintain, present a high-quality finish and be highly attractive to students,” said project manager Katie Elmer.

Although from the start other materials such as vinyl were considered, in the end the LINOVA collection by Aquaclean was chosen thanks to the properties that make it so different: soft and very pleasant to the touch, coming in a wide range of colours, plus its plush texture and above all, first and foremost, its easy cleaning and maintenance thanks to Aquaclean® Technology, providing the perfect solution for this type of continuous use and high traffic area.

To showcase these Aquaclean fabrics, HUDDLE opted for a mix of large, modern benches and tables while creating more intimate spaces too, booths, within an open central area that offers students a place to relax and enjoy themselves. All this, together with Aquaclean fabrics as upholstery for the benches and sofas, achieved a cosy space where students feel very comfortable. 

In the words of the school principal, “the furniture is wonderful in quality, and thanks to HUDDLE's expert advice we purchased Aquaclean fabrics for the benches and booths, because they're guaranteed to stay perfect for many years to come.”

For the students, it was quite a surprise to walk into such a multifunctional space looking so attractive and modern. “The students say they think the dining room is like a restaurant, so they love spending time here, either studying or organising their clubs. They couldn't be more satisfied with it.”