Sofa choice is not an easy pick. Numerous brands, shapes, colours, fabrics or leather. 



Once you pick the sofa shape there comes a real challenge, the fabric! Hundreds of hangers, swatches, and books. First, think about your needs and your lifestyle. Is a beautiful fabric enough? It depends, it might just be enough if you want the sofa to be there to look at. 

If you really want it to be enjoyed by all, visitors, friends and family then you need Aquaclean in your life. Cleanable fabric that will take care of all the wine-tasting party stains, pizza evenings,  ice creams Sundays and all play dates.



So why Aquaclean?

1. All our fabrics are made to make your life easier and worry-free! We apply our technology on every yarn so you can clean everyday stains with just water.

2. Allergies? We add Safe Front antibacterial treatment to kill 99.9 % of bacteria and mites.

3. Durability! The majority of our fabrics are used in hotels and restaurants as they are a great heavy-duty solution. Our upholstery will be there for you for many years to come.

4. We have Oeko-tex certification that guarantees peace of mind. There are no PFCs in our products, no nasty chemicals.

5. Made in Spain by an upholstery specialist with an established and trusted brand.


Our fabrics are a no-brainer choice. All of us at Aquaclean have Aquaclean sofas at home, so we can really test our products and keep developing new solutions for you. You just enjoy your sofa.