The time has come, and you decided to change your sofa. Picking a sofa always involves certain research and expense and owning a pet is an important factor to have in mind.

When you start your sofa research it might feel overwhelming at times. The choices are unlimited!

We are textile specialists with almost 60 years of tradition in textile manufacturing, so we know the challenges of pet owners very well. Many of us at Aquaclean have pets and we understand the needs and functions that are necessary to make your sofa use enjoyable for all.

We manufacture two types of fabrics: woven fabrics and flocked fabrics. Flocked fabrics are a special type of product, very durable and perfect for pet owners. All products that were created with pets in mind belong to Aquaclean Extreme collection.



The following products belong to our pet-friendly – Aquaclean Extreme collection: Carabu, Nordic, Supreme, Daytona, Baltic, Alpine, Angora, Fabia, Marina and we continue to bring new products every year.


So, why Aquaclean Extreme? The fabric is built like a sandwich with a very smooth surface. It is more resistant than traditional woven fabrics, but not indestructible! Remember there are no 100% proof cat fabrics! Our fabrics are resistant, but not scratch-proof.



Pet Hair?

Every pet owner knows how difficult it is to remove pet hair off the sofa, even the best vacuums struggle. Aquaclean Extreme fabrics have a smooth surface allowing the removal of pet hair easily with a roller, there are also no yarns to be accidentally snagged.



Muddy Paws?

Rain and wet grass will not stop our dog from exploring the nearby park. How does it end? It’s no surprise that the paws will be full of mud and sometimes your doggie might love the sofa so much that they might have a run for it just straight after the walk. Do not panic! Just remove the mud bits, sprinkle the stain with water and rub in circular movements. Dry it with a paper towel and the crisis is averted! Have a look at our video:


It really doesn’t matter how often you bathe your pet; they are still bringing loads of bacteria from outside. This is why our fabrics have an antibacterial shield included It kills 99.9% of bacteria and mites!

For more info about pet-friendly fabrics maintenance have a look at

Remember! All Aquaclean Extreme collections:

  1. Are cleanable with just water!
  2. Have antibacterial protection
  3. Contain NO nasty chemicals
  4. Have Vegan Certification
  5. Have Global Recycled Standard Certification.
  6. Have Fire Retardant treatment included
  7. Are made in Spain by a family-owned business with almost 60 years of experience in textile manufacturing.