Aquaclean factories are based in the eastern part of Spain, in a 60.000 inhabitants town called Alcoy. The picturesque town is a solid alternative to the sun and beach of nearby Alicante and Benidorm. The city sits in a valley, also called the city of bridges or the city of rivers. 



Every spring the city celebrates a breathtaking Moors and Christians festival. The grandeur of the festivities can only be appreciated by visiting and living this spectacular show where the main actors are the town’s inhabitants. The colors, the music and the incredible organization make it one of the celebrations that stays in the memory forever. 



The city is the heart of the textile industry in Spain and Aquaclean Group is the biggest upholstery manufacturer in the country with over 40mln meters of fabric sold. Over 6 million of families in 70 countries are happy owners of Aquaclean sofas.



We have been in the textile industry for almost 60- years, and we do know everything about fabrics. We don’t focus only on esthetics but also on functions. We always have the user in mind, how our fabrics can make their life better and the upholstery more durable. 

The living room is not the museum, this is where life happens and we want everyone to enjoy it without unnecessary worries.

We are vertically integrated which means that we oversee the entire manufacturing process, from the yarns to the finished products. 

Our brand-new yarn machines can deliver outstanding innovation that allows us to bring different textures and solutions.



Our main technologies are weaving, flocking, dyeing, printing, and finishing (Aquaclean, Safe Front, FR), all done in-house. We have full control over all our processes.



Finished products are stocked in the state-of-the-art automated warehouse that stores thousands of rolls.



Interested in visiting our factory? Reach out to your Aquaclean country representative and see it all with your own eyes. This is where the Aquaclean magic happens.