When we go to decorate the living room of the home, we are overwhelmed by an intense emotion before the idea of making any choices and leaving everything to our liking in the hope that it will be impeccable. However, once "on the job", we realise that it is quite complicated, given the variety and quantity of possibilities that we have before us. And that’s even before  we talk about choosing the fabric to upholster the sofa. The task can become torturous with thousands of doubts about it. To avoid this, and as long as you enjoy the process, today we want to bring you some recommendations, ideas and advice, and we are sure that you will see everything much easier when choosing the best fabrics for your sofa or armchair.

Sofas y tapizados

Collection Fantasy 372 (sofa) and Romantic 372 (cushions) of Fashion Book 18 by Visual Textures from Aquaclean.

When we have to choose fabrics or patterns for upholstery, we must take into account factors as important as the colour and the texture, the wear to which it will be subjected to, the easy cleaning and stain resistance, not only to children, but also to pets to know if it holds well scratches and frays.

So, we present a series of factors to keep in mind when you decide to change the sofa or reupholster the one you already have.


To know that a fabric will remain in good condition for an optimal time (between 5 and 8 years), we must pay attention that it has a minimum resistance of 25,000 cycles, but it will depend on the use that is going to be given to the sofa. The figures that we have just indicated are very typical for a home, but if we are going to give an intense use because it is in a cafeteria or in a hotel, it is more likely that this number will reach up to 40,000 cycles of resistance, or even more. All this information will be provided by the seller of the store or you can find it in the technical characteristics of the fabric manufacturer of your sofa.


Collection Eden 15 (sofa) and Merida 07 - Lugano 12 (cushions) from Fashion Book 16-17 by Rustika from Aquaclean.



When it comes to quality we must speak in terms of the fabric type, although all the factors that we are presenting are part of "everything" that makes the sofa last for years, so be sure that we are satisfied of the choice of sofa fabric .

Cotton, linen or Jacquard, for example, are great since they are thick and in addition to resistance, they offer a very wide aesthetic variety, with hundreds of colours, patterns and prints, which will undoubtedly make it easier for you to find the best style for your living room.

There are other fabrics such as velvet, chenille or corduroy, which can also be interesting when it comes to upholstery, but are a bit more delicate. The truth is that, currently, there are fabrics on the market to upholster almost any composition you want.


In addition to these aspects, if you really want to know if you have an optimal fabric for upholstery or not, you should see that when tensioning it, that it is not deformed in any way and that there are no openings in the weft of the thread.


Of course, you must make sure that it has been properly treated against fire (in the technical specifications the seal of Fire Retardant must appear). Look also at the finishes of the fibres and make sure that the fabric will have the ability to resist pulls or scratches. Combine this information with the texture, weight and body of the fabric, and make sure that your choice is pleasant for all the seasons of the year. All this seems very complicated but with the help of the seller and trusting in a good brand of upholstery, it is much easier than it seems.


Lastly, we advise you to take into account the topic of cleaning the fabric of the upholstery. As you know, at Aquaclean (LINK: http://www.aquaclean.com/ES_en/home) we have an innovative technology (LINK: http://www.aquaclean.com/ES_es/que-es-aquaclean) based on a treatment that covers each fiber with an invisible molecular layer that prevents dirt from penetrating the fabric, making it very easy and quick to remove any type of occasional stain from our fabrics.

Keep in mind that not having to clean the upholstery in the washing machine, also helps to increase the life of the fabric of the sofa, and to be able to enjoy it more time after time...


Collection Lugano 11 (sofa) and Lugano 09 - Merida 07 (cushions) from Fashion Book 16-17 by Rustika from Aquaclean.


This technology, the most practical for houses with children and pets, does not contain PFCs (Fluorocarbons | Perfluorocarbons), artificial substances that have recently been shown to pose a threat to humans and animals.

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Collection Fantasy 100 (sofa) and Romantic 100 (cushions) of Fashion Book 18 by Visual Textures from Aquaclean.

Is it as difficult as it seems? Not when everything is put in the hands of good professionals, not only in the store, but also in who makes the fabric of the sofa, which is important as you will spend a lot of time with your sofa with which you will share your life...