The bakery chain Panemar revamps its image at its Oradea store (Romania), a project undertaken by the interior design and concept Todor Cosmin, with the collaboration of Diana Albu, Alexandra Zaharia and Timotei Mihet.

The creative concept they we wanted to capture in the design was a reinterpretation of the traditional values ​​of classic European bakeries, but reinvented in a highly contemporary way. The designers used layout, selection of materials and furniture to enhance the values ​​of the Panemar brand. These values ​​were the differentiating features that converted Panemar, into a benchmark name in the trade. Passion, trust, naturalness, simplicity and elegance were perfectly defined in each of the spaces created for people to enjoy fresh, natural products, with all of guarantee of a trusted brand like Panemar.

The store materials were conceived to create a warm, cosy, family-oriented space where customers can enjoy some truly relaxing moments. Natural wood, brick and iron were perfectly combined to create the atmosphere that the new Panemar establishment wanted to transmit.

A feeling of freshness and a touch of colour were provided by the blue and pink tones of the upholstery covering the chairs, armchairs and sofas. To achieve this, the designers opted for Mystic one of Aquaclean's contract collections, which in addition to ensuring a high durability levels for public premises of this type, offers fast and simple maintenance for occasional spot and stain cleaning.

The soft fabrics, warm wood and originality of the wallpapers all contrast with the industrial-style ceiling, where all the different installations are visible, and with the walls, which are covered in brick and metal, not to mention the large windows with metal frames that offer an ambiguous mix between factory and New York City loft.

The end result could hardly have been better, not only for Panemar ― proud to see how customers enjoy unique moments in the various spaces created for this purpose ― but also for Todor Cosmin, who enjoyed choosing every single detail of this delicious new project.