New year, new life, new sofa... And at Aquaclean (LINK: we love to renew, change, revitalize and feel fulfilled, because we think that there is nothing like giving a new look to our lounge in a fast, simple and economical way, simply by reupholstering our beloved sofa...

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Collections Minerva 16 Collection (Sofa), Samira 16 (Armchair), Otaru 323 and Keops 323 (Cushions)

Today we bring you the latest trends, that is, what you are wearing and what you are going to wear this year in fabrics and upholstery to help you choose the style, colour and textures that best suit you so that you can to turn your living room into an environment of that magazine look. So let’s get started!

A touch of colour for your living room

Colours have the magical property of enlarging, shrinking, giving light or privacy to a space. For that reason, within the current trends we find that mixing the minimalist Nordic Style with punctual touches of colour can create the right feel.

In this case, and speaking of upholstery, the sofa can become that point of attention, which in quieter shades such as gray, white and black for the rest of the decoration, gives joy and harmony to the space and provides a focused look and style.

It is a resource widely used in decoration at present, since it is simple to implement with very attractive results. Colours such as ocher, green, turquoise or bubble gum pink are currently the most “IN” in interior design. Which one do you prefer?

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Collections Mirina 29 (Sofa) and Mystic 68 - 213 (Cushions)

Flowers and vegetation to sweeten your home

So we’ve spoken about the Nordic Style, now we move on to Shabby Chic, another of the coolest styles of the moment.

For this type of decoration, it is best to opt for the ocher tones combined with oranges, earth, garnets or onions that give a feeling of warmth in this cold season.

If you are looking for a more feminine look, use country prints, where you can find a lot of options: from mini flowers and pastoral scenes, to more abstract floral prints that inspire us so much.

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Detail of the Samira 324 (Stamping) and Otaru 324 (Smooth) collections

If on the contrary, you are looking for a more sober and masculine touch, combine stripes with plain colours in the same pallet range... The result is spectacular!

Take your sofa back to the 50’s

The Mid-Century Style is another of those that has triumphed throughout 2016 and that enters strongly into the new year. Getting this effect on your sofa is very simple: just look for textured fabrics, thick wool, velvets and fabrics with presence. Look for rather neutral or dark tones with a small drawing of Jaquard or Burlap (very fashionable in the 50’s), and if you can, leave the legs of the sofa in sight or change them for wooden ones.

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You can also look for combinations with the rest of the upholstered furniture. For example, reupholster the sofa and a couple of chairs, or just an armchair to give that chic touch that your home deserves. With this, you will achieve a sophisticated and masculine space.

Industrial style in the Caribbean

A style that undoubtedly triumphed in 2016, and that for now still remains, especially when we talk about decorating premises using the Industrial Style with Caribbean touches. Building materials such as brick and iron beams are important in these large spaces, which become sophisticated through thoughtful furniture made of pallets and details that complement the space in an almost magical way, and where the sofa also plays an important role, combining its neutral and dark colours with accessories of daring prints.


Collections Mystic 65 (Sofa) and Tesca 14 (Cushions)

Four solutions for four different styles of decoration that will give you a fresh feel and a new air to your room, for less than you imagine. And, the fabrics become the main protagonists of your house because a good choice can lead you to glory. So now you know that when it comes to change, choose well and let yourself be advised by professionals within the sector. If you still have any questions, get in touch with us, because it will be a pleasure to help you.