Opening a hospitality business always brings a great deal of illusion and stress. Although nowadays the big chains of cafeterias, hotels and restaurants are the order of the day and usually have from the start a great team of advisors on decoration and very clear design lines to follow, we, as small entrepreneurs, have to assume all of those roles with the help of a small team, and in many cases with the opinion and help of friends, family and other acquaintances.


The correct choice of furniture in hospitality is not a simple issue, and many small stores do not have or are not aware of the great importance that this factor can have in the future of their new business.

If there is something that social networks have achieved, it is to give enormous visibility to sites that previously only the neighbors of the area knew. Now anyone can leave a comment or upload a photo on our site in social networks, so take care as even the smallest detail is vitally important, and we are not only talking about the service and the product, but also the environment and decoration of our business environment.

And this is where our journey towards the selection of furniture and fabrics begins: from chairs, tables or lamps, to sofas or armchairs.


Mystic Collection. Detail of a bench in the restaurant "La Cuina" in Ontinyent (Valencia).

The three main points to bear in mind are:

· How do I want to focus my business?
· What is my budget?
· How much space do I have?

With the first question, we must clearly answer what will be the style of it, and to do so, we must start with the type of food you are going to serve to outline what design or interior design is the most appropriate, in addition to knowing which ones are the latest trends in this type of establishments. For example, in cafeterias it is very common today not to find only chairs and tables, but large armchairs, sofas and armchairs that give a more homelike appearance. Cushions, floor lamps, plants and others complement this type of space, making them almost like your own home.

The theme of using the likes of sofas, armchairs has become a growing trend, and not only in places like coffee shops, but in restaurants, bars and stores of almost any kind. This is due to wanting to provide the more personal touch and the feel of being at home...


With the second question, it is obvious that before getting into any type of investment, we must be very clear about the real budget that we have, since we could get into a dead end by having invested more in fabrics than was necessary or in a design lamp that we did not need.

At this point it is interesting to know that a brand like Aquaclean,  offers very competitive prices and a very wide variety of collections and styles of upholstery with a high quality and a lot of extras such as easy cleaning and its great durability over time, which is undoubtedly necessary for spaces where chairs, armchairs or sofas will suffer extra wear, thus avoiding having to change them due to there their bad appearance after 6 months of opening.


Mystic Collection. Detail of chair of the Restaurant "Sents", winner of a Michelin star, at Ontinyent (Valencia).

Finally, we must ask ourselves how much space we have, since if the space is very small, we may be able to acquire more design furniture (more expensive, of course), and vice versa. And not only that, but we must be clear about the space available to be able to return to question one and choose the furniture style that we are going to use in an appropriate way, because depending on the space, this can also vary. If we have a large space, the placement of chairs and sofas will be, for example, much simpler, and we will have greater freedom of choice over it, as well as its characteristics and even its location or functionality.


It is very important to take into account such details as, is a place where many children go, or if it is a drinking area where the the possibility of spliiling liquids is greater, or if we are going to place the armchair near the kitchen for example.

All these small details are important to outline beforehand and do not jump into the purchase without consideration, as you will see how the results in both decoration and economics much clearer. Starting on the right foot can achieve a great future without uwanted surprises of any kind.