Our daily rhythm, with working days longer than ever, off-days shorter than ever, and no time to do sports or just do nothing, eventually takes its toll on us and our bodies and minds start to feel the pain.

We notice all this exhaustion when we get home, close the door and walk to the sofa, which may be quite fantastic, but sometimes it doesn't provide what we really need at that time: total relaxation.


Samira 16 and Minerva 16 collection from Book 17 ofVisual Texturesby Aquaclean.

Fortunately, technology gives answers and wonderful solutions to all those desires that human beings have every day. One day – yes, it's true – someone sitting on a sofa at home had the thought "how nice it would be if this sofa gave me a good massage". Well, that dream has come true, and recliners are here today to offer us the possibility of feeling supreme and discovering that perfect (and necessary) balance between body and mind, thanks to a series of gentle movements and tingling vibrations.

This type of armchair helps us to recover more easily from a hard day of intense work, regulating our blood circulation and reducing concentrated muscular tension in the back and neck. In addition, if you suffer from insomnia, recliners are good because they help to relax you in a very natural kind of way before bed.


Recliners for relaxation have mechanisms that allow you to modify the angle of the backrest, the headrest and footrest, so you can choose the best position so you can feel nice and pleasant. They usually have options such as a massager, vibration, heat function, a seat lift mechanism and perhaps a zero gravity position (the position in which the body receives the least pressure from its weight).

Aesthetically recliners don't differ much from other types of armchairs, since all these mechanisms are usually well integrated into the structure, so you hardly even notice them at first sight – which might make them less attractive when it comes to home decoration.


Of course, the price of this type of recliner is generally higher than a normal armchair, but remember, if you suffer from any of the problems mentioned above, this will be one of the best investments of your life. You should also remember that recliners for massages and things are usually slightly larger than normal armchairs, otherwise they wouldn't be able to accommodate all those joy-producing mechanisms. This means they are also heavier than normal, but, that shouldn't be a problem either considering the benefits.


This type of armchair is ideal for the elderly, or people with bone or circulation problems, but they will also benefit people of all ages because of their fantastic health and wellness options.

So start looking for the right place in your home and buy a reclining massage armchair today. Your body and mind will thank you for it, and your friends will too.