We've already told you – in (Keys for choosing decoration fabrics (I) – some of the tricks for learning how to choose your sofa fabric. In our first article, we focused on some of the different fabrics and textiles widely used in decoration that we can find on the market: brocade, chenille, chintz, damask or corduroy, remember?


The importance of a good choice when it comes to decorating space in your home is highly relevant, since it can completely change the atmosphere and feel of the room in question.

This week, let's continue with some tips on decorating any room in your home, and finding out what's best for each specific case. So read on; you're in for some good news.


Where do I start?

When we start wondering about the fabrics we can use to decorate a room, any room, there's always a starting point. If, for example, the sofa is the largest piece in the room, it will also attract the most attention, so it should be the first thing we ought to think about. And from there, we can continue with the rest of the adjacent furniture, also including curtains and walls if we want.

A good option in these cases, if you're not too sure what you want, is to go for neutral colours, as these give you much more room to play around later, when you want to combine other colours or patterns on cushions, chairs or armchairs.

What I do want the atmosphere to convey?

The colour is always something to take into account, because, as you know, each colour inspires and conveys a feeling or sensation. Blues, purples and greys transmit peace, relaxation and tranquillity; whereas warmer colours give a sensation of vitality and joy. If you want to create a more natural or rustic atmosphere, try browns and greens as your first choice. Everything depends on the atmosphere you want to create in your living room.

saofa y manchas

Collections: Red: Mystic 65 sofa – Tesca 08 cushions · Mirina 21 | Ecru: Ática 02 sofa – Mystic AC 50 cushions | Brown: Mystic 131 sofa – Mirina 07 cushions · Tesca 31 from the Book Visual&Sensations by Aquaclean

Am I classic or modern?

Although eclectic atmospheres are still quite fashionable, when you start thinking about the fabrics and colours you are going to use, you have to take into account the style you're going combine with, looking for visual consistency throughout all the articles you have in your living room, trying to unify them and match them appropriately so you don't get the feeling that you’re in an amusement park. One possible solution is to find a basic colour or texture that you can repeat in different ways in all fabrics and then play around with your colour palette a little. You'll see that it's easier than it sounds. The thing is to get started!


Mirina 29 sofa – Mystic 18 cushions from the Book Visual&Sensations by Aquaclean

Small space, spacious feel

If the space you have is not very large, a good option is to choose plain fabrics, small motifs or light textures so as not overload your room any more than necessary. Linens and silks are always a good way to get a feeling of amplitude. In addition, these fabrics, combined with plain colours or stony tones will enable you gain an optical sensation of space. Try it and tell us about it!

Now, you have some more tips on choosing the right fabrics to give your home a really successful kind of look. Put them into practice and see how it isn't so difficult to create that comfortable, cosy living room you've always wanted.