In recent times, we have seen how the past has been brought to life again in interior design, fashion and decoration. Vintage and retro are more fashionable than ever, and we can see this everywhere: in sunglasses, cars, curtains or hairstyles, to name just a few. These styles from another era have come to the fore again, mingling with other more recent trends such as the industrial style or the Shabby Chic style.


Exotic details, Art Deco wallpaper, earthy tones and golds... and an elegant sofa. This all adds up to a unique, exclusive, well-tuned atmosphere. Sofa: Eternity Collection (516) | Cushions: Iruma collection (07) and Euphoria (52) from Book 15, Fashion & Protection of Visual Texturesby Aquaclean.

Art Deco is one of these styles. Emerging between 1920 and 1930, Art Deco enjoyed its heyday in 1925, coinciding with the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts in Paris. This style is characterised by its plethora of exotic details, combining perfectly with other styles like minimalism or the industrial style, and creating a unique blend of the modern and the classic, which is something we all love.

But what really defines Art Deco? Its flamboyancy, full of geometric patterns (cubes, zigzags, spheres, lines, etc.), abstractly representing nature, with animals and plants drawn in geometric figures. The materials typically used range from plastic, ebony and natural leather, all mixed with motifs inspired by exotic cultures such as the Aztecs, Africa, Egypt or the Orient.

Today we offer you a few ideas to convert any room in your home into an Art Deco space, without going crazy. Don't miss out on it!


The use of different and sometimes dissonant tones gives us a colour palette that is often quite psychedelic, very 60s in style. From blue to red-orange, including bubblegum pink, lime green and chrome yellow, we can define Art Deco as the purest of styles from the "colour for the sake of colour" standpoint. There's a whole range of colours that will fill your living space with life.



Geometric patterns are one of the strengths of this style, so you can start with a wallpaper with a design like the one shown here, leaving the rest of the room in a neutral colour. That's how you can bring the room to life instantly, since straight lines and curves attract lots of attention.


We like geometries, very much! Detail of the Kabuki Collection | Detail of the Euphoria Collection (28) from Book 15, Fashion & Protection of Visual Textures by Aquaclean.

The same approach applies to the fabrics you choose for this area of the home, where you should look for combinations with the wallpaper you're using, as regards either colour or geometrics. The possibilities are endless: from upholstery to curtains, not to mention cushions, carpets and sofa fabrics. Just combine the purest of minimalist styles with good old Art Deco details that will fill your lounge with life, and a touch of the exotic.


Where Art Deco really stands out is in its use of light, with lamps becoming the true stars of the stage. Forget dull ceiling lights and look for the perfect combination of downlighters, floor lamps and table lamps. Simple designs? Yes, but unique ones. For ceiling lights, chandeliers and hanging lamps are the latest craze in decoration, as well as lamps made in materials like chrome and glass. For floor lamps and table lamps, nickel and chrome are back, with screens in pastel, opaque or transparent colours. That's the latest in our updated Art Deco style.


A cosmopolitan touch

What really distinguishes Art Deco is its uniquely cosmopolitan style, drawing on influences from different cultures to create a huge range of choices for each situation.

So for a real Art Deco feel, it's not just a question of big, sturdy furniture pieces. We have to look at the finer details as well – things that give us that distinctive touch. We’re talking about using colourful, elegant fabrics, but we also have to breathe life into the room; giving it the sensation of being lived in, the feeling of a full history behind it, in true traveller style. So you should decoration with objects from different cultures and periods, as if you were returning from a safari, a trip on the Orient Express, or a week in the ancient Inca Empire.


By combining all this properly you can create that special, welcoming atmosphere, while oozing elegance and class.

And last but not least...

Here are a few tips to bear in mind to get a fully-rounded Art Deco style in your home.

This decoration style has had a huge influence on interior design, but it doesn't stop there. It is also in lots of art, reflected in films, the graphic arts (design and advertising), photography, fashion, painting and sculpture, to name just a few. You can find ideas in all these fields that are sure to inspire you and help you complete your design by adding Art Deco posters, photographs and engravings from this period, giving them pride of place in your lounge.


So, get down to decorating!  And remember, we love receiving photos with the results of your decoration initiatives. Or answering questions about the best kind of upholstery for your cushions, sofa, chairs or curtains, for a pure and outstanding Art Deco style. So fire away any time!