How about becoming an interior designer for a day? Let's get started with some real decoration. Specifically, we recommend that you decorate your living space with neutral tones – applying these to just about everything, and even a bit more, because if you do, you're sure to be a real success.


Linova Collection | Fashion & Protection of Visual Textures by Aquaclean

Greys, blacks, whites, siennas, browns and creams may sound like drab, monotonous colours, lacking life and gaiety. Maybe you think they are colours that won't say much – colours that people won't take a fancy to. But nothing could be further from the truth. And here we'll explain why, giving you 5 weighty (and colourful) reasons.

1. Neutral tones provide an atmosphere for relaxation, transmitting peace and serenity, as well as creating a greater sense of spaciousness and bringing light into the room.


Siena Collection | Fashion & Protection of Visual Textures by Aquaclean

2. A good combination of these neutral tones will give any room an elegant touch that matches perfectly with most styles of furniture, upholstery and accessories. Neutral tones are colours that combine with virtually everything you can imagine, so if you find yourself doubting what colour to use or what articles to fit in when decorating your home, a neutral touch is definitely the best option.


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3. Using neutral tones gives you the chance to mix and match with other colours, i.e., you can combine greys with black, whites with earthy tones and creams with black as well, broadening your colour spectrum without focusing on one single tone in a given area.

4. In addition, colours like white, grey or sienna can inspire you to create a distinctive maritime or Ibizan style in the midst of the largest and greyest of cities, and this is always a plus, because who wouldn't like to be on holiday all year long?


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5. Last but not least, using neutral colours in your decoration scheme opens up a whole new world of possibilities, because you can then choose colourful contrasting fabrics for your sofa, armchairs or curtains. And when you opt for a brighter colour, you ensure that the brighter fabric you love so much will stand out above all the rest, getting the attention it deserves in your home décor, and becoming the centre of attention with nothing else to distract your envious guests.


Velonia, Nerea, Otaru Collection | Fashion & Fantasy of Visual Textures by Aquaclean

And the same goes for the rest of the furniture. By using neutral tones for your basic scheme, you can highlight those areas you want people's eyes to focus on, such as a special carpet, your curtains or your complements, while keeping that feeling of peace and tranquillity, and splashing out with a touch of colour, character and personality.

Decorate with neutral tones, because as you can see, it's definitely a great option for success. You’ll never regret it. Greys, blacks, whites and creams... Luckily they’re here to save us from the maddeningly colourful!