In the field of decoration, just like on the catwalk, trends tell us more or less where to go and make our lives easier, so that our homes will always look great.  

This is what we want to tell you about fabrics and upholstery that will be in fashion for 2016. The huge variety of products on the market ensure that upholstery fabrics will be a key point in home decoration this year, with changing fabrics for our sofas, armchairs or curtains, enabling us to create totally new and fresh living spaces, breezy or warm, spacious or simply nice and cosy.


Aquaclean, the fabric you can clean with water only, presents its
collection Mystic, with over 60 colours.

If you don't want to get lost amongst all these options, here's some help for redecorating your home using new upholstery. Get a paper and pencil, and start now.

First, let's start with a really fashionable colour for 2016: Marsala. Chosen by Pantone (the world authority when it comes to colour), this very pretty earthy red was inspired by the colour of wine from the region of Sicily and carries its name. It's a warm, elegant and sophisticated colour, with the advantage of being great for combining with other styles and colours.

Both for plain styles and prints or embroidered fabrics, the big names in design have launched proposals using Marsala, such as cushions, curtains, throws and other thins, which you are sure to have seen already.

As for prints, geometric shapes, stripes, zigzags, floral motifs and ikkat designs are highly popular. These prints are perfect for combination with minimalist styles, as they are simple, and give lots of personality and warmth to living space.

In fabrics, the latest trends are towards ethnics and the exotic. Cotton, linen, silk, threads, imitation animal pelts and velvets imitating horsehair, are clear trends in decorating, so we can say goodbye to neutrals and welcome lots of colour and different textures. No space should be left boring or monotonous. Make everything different, up-to-date and be creative!


Aquaclean, the fabric you can clean with water only, presents its
collection called Matsue (55) from Book 16 Fashion&Love by Visual Textures.

As you will have noticed, handicrafts like knitting, macramé and crochet are back in style, because nostalgia and vintage atmospheres are in. The fabrics themselves are back in fashion, because they are the elements that create the ambiance. Functional and pleasing to the eye, they make all the difference, and are the focus of lots of new trends.

Keep use and function in mind, as there are many kinds of fabrics with special treatments that will help you to prevent stains or repel water and other liquids. But of course you should never renounce style. It's just a question of finding the right experts who can combine both things in one.