So, your beautiful sofa has finally arrived. You took a long time to select the right model and upholstery. You imagined the moment when it will finally arrive in your lovely living room. You probably had to wait for it too. It is finally here, and it looks stunning!

It is important to remember that to preserve the beauty of your sofa you need to take a  Hopefully, it’s an Aquaclean sofa so your life will be worry-free and peaceful. Even an Aquaclean sofa requires some maintenance to enjoy your upholstery for years. Here are some simple tips.

1. Vacuum is your friend! 

Vacuum your sofa regularly with a soft brush! You don’t see it, but your upholstery is covered with dust. If you like the colour of your sofa, vacuum it, so the colours don’t become dull with the accumulated dust.

2. Flip the cushions! All of them! Regularly! 

Not only your sofa will look better but also think about all the stuff you will find between and under the cushions 😊 Probably those keys you were looking for so long or your favourite pair of socks 😊



3. Clean your stains when they appear!

Don’t wait for it. It is very easy to remove fresh stains although with Aquaclean technology you can still do it even after 24h. Don’t wait if you don’t have to, make your life easier.



4. Steam clean!

So, you did everything you could, you cleaned the stains, you vacuumed the upholstery but after a few years, the sofa might become a bit grubby. Dirt build-up on the armrest? Normal thing. Steam cleaning is a perfect solution to refresh your upholstery and make it look new again. 

5. Remember to enjoy your sofa every day and be happy!



6. Share it with others!