Pets and decoration, incompatible?

2018-09-13 AquaClean Technology

Surely many of you are thinking that it is a good time to increase the family with the addition of a pet. On the Aquaclean blog, we have already talked about the benefits that a dog or a cat can provide, especially in homes with children. And nothing can compare to having the unconditional love of an animal in the home?

But it is vitally important that the decoration of our house does not become an obstacle when deciding to have a pet, because when it comes to animals and interior design, many times these have not been compatible, that is until Aquaclean arrived, to make your life easier for you, your family and your four legged friend.


Fantasy 336 Collection (sofa and cushions) - Capriccio 336 (armchair) from Fashion Book 18 by Visual Textures from Aquaclean

To discover this is easier than it seems, today we bring you some advice on the things that you should consider before embarking on the adventure of a pet, so that everything is joyous and to ensure good times ahead with the new member of the family.


And a lot! Choosing the size of your pet is almost one of the main points to consider when expanding the family. Many times we insist that we like a certain breed of dog or cat and we are not able to always see all the pit falls that both the animal and you may suffer afterwards and for a long time to come.

Putting a Great Dane in your little apartment in is not the best option for example, although you will not be the first or the last to do so. But keep in mind that the bigger they are the more space they need to move, and unless you are able to take long regular walks with it, it is better to opt for a smaller and more manageable animal.

mascotas y sofa


And, once the size is chosen, there are hundreds of breed options to adopt. At this point we must turn our minds to assessing aspects such as allergies, maintenance and cleaning of the home because of the animal.

For example, there are breeds of cats like Persians which have a lot of fur, long and very fine that can become a nightmare for you and your couch. The same goes for some dog breeds like German Shepherds or Huskies.

If you opt for any of these breeds, keep in mind that you will have to take a more thorough cleaning approach to your home in order to keep everything under control.


Colección Fantasy 373 (sofá) -  Vivalto 324 · Invictus 373 (cojines) del Fashion Book 18 de Visual Textures by Aquaclean

The hair is usually from the pet’s overcoat which ends up on the upholstery and the floor, so a good quality vacuum cleaner will be a great ally. Also, at Aquaclean we recommend our fabrics for pets such as Aneto, Carabú, Diamond or Eden (. You have up to 10 types of fabrics perfect for pets because they are treated and made with our Aquaclean® Technology, they will help you to keep the bacteria at bay, they will last much longer by avoiding fraying in the fabric, and best of all, they clean themselves with just a little water.


Once we a clear choose of the size and the breed of the pet that we are going to adopt, take a moment also to reflect on how your house is in terms of decoration, that is, do you have a house full of objects that are in danger of succumbing to the antics of your pet, or on the contrary, or is your home to be like a Buddhist temple, very minimal and spacious with no dangers at all?


Taking time to reflect will help you to decide on which is the best option for you, since there are breeds of both cats and dogs that are also naughty in a playful way. For example, the common cat in general tends to be much more playful, which may be one reason why it is more probable that we will have some "incidents", whereas if we choose for example a Persian cat, then they are usually much calmer.

As you see, with these practical tips, decoration and pets are no longer incompatible words in your vocabulary, or in your home. Share your life with an adorable animal, it is always very nice, especially if you do not have to sacrifice the style of your home.