So, you started to research the sofa of your dreams and you start hearing this new vocabulary like the Martindale test, Martindale machine rub test, rub count, rub cycles, rub test score, and Martindale rating.

It can get confusing as you are not searching for a sofa every day. The Martindale is the machine that performs the test of durability, and this is how all the fabrics are tested.

Here you can see how the machine works:


The Martindale is a unit for quantifying the abrasion resistance of textiles. The results of a Martindale test show how much wear and tear a fabric will take before there is a noticeable change in appearance. The higher the score, the more durable the fabric is.

The Martindale method, also known as the Martindale rub test, simulates the natural wear of a seat cover, in which the textile sample is rubbed against a standard abrasive surface with a specified force.

In the US, the Wyzenbeek test is often used instead of the Martindale.

The Martindale machine also tests for fabric pilling.

In the UK commercial-grade fabric starts at 40.000 rubs.

When you are browsing through hundreds of hangers and swatches it is good to have this parameter in mind. 

The majority of Aquaclean fabrics qualify for commercial heavy-duty use. We always want to deliver the best products possible: beautiful, durable and functional.