Reading in a relaxed mood is one of the greatest pleasures of life. And if above all you can enjoy this practice in a pleasant corner where everything around you accompanies the magic of the moment, then reading becomes an "almost" religious experience.

sofas descanso

Collections Eternity 516 (sofa) and Euforia 52 (Cushion) from Book 15 of Visual Textures from Aquaclean.

To create a space at home where light, tranquility and comfort prevail, it is not necessary to have a huge space. Whatever the size of our house, if we know how to do it, we can create that little oasis of serenity, fun and reflection.

1- If in some corner of the house you already have a large bookcase full of books, then we already have the first step: the location, because books attract more books, and to inspire us even more, there is nothing like surrounding ourselves with our favourite authors. This adds even more of a bonus when it comes to decorating our reading corner.


2- Having an auxiliary table is also a point of vital importance, as it is always nice to be able to enjoy a drink while reading, or simply to leave the mobile to one side (in silent mode of course). The shape and size of this decorative element can be very varied and will depend on the space available to us because it is still a very specific focal and useful point of our space.

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Attica Collection 02 from Book 13 of Visual Textures by Aquaclean.

3- Another essential factor is light. If you can, try to place your reading corner near a window. In spring and summer you will gain many hours of natural light, with the consequent savings in the electric bill and a greater care and welfare for your eyes. If for reasons of space, it is impossible to place the reading corner near a window, do not worry. There are a lot of options when choosing reading lamps that will offer very pleasant and effective lighting solutions. In addition, if we speak in terms of decoration and interior design, we can also find floor lamps that will combine perfectly with whatever the style you have the rest of the room.

What would be a reading corner without books, right? But also, what would a reading corner be without a good chair?

The main thing, obviously, is that you have a very comfortable armchair, since we plan to spend long periods of time in it. Comfort is the most important variable in this equation.
In the current market, we can find hundreds of possibilities: from large single seaters, through to couches on which to lie down on, giant beanbags or the classic English armchair. The options are wide and varied, and everything depends more on what you like, or what type of chair you feel most comfortable on to read.


Collections Velonia 02 (sofa), Galaxy 01 and Spirit 55 (Cushions) from Book 14 of Visual Textures by Aquaclean.

As soon as our posture position of our back has decided what it likes most, it's time to source the perfect seat and to choose the style of our armchair or reading chair. The variety is equally broad, and depends a lot on what the style the rest of the room is, as well as the style that we want to give to the reading corner. From the traditional English-style armchair with print fabric (as in the house of the yaya), through to plain colors, modern velvets or high-tech fabrics such as those offered by Aquaclean and to make life easier, the range in the market is very wide and varied. But the decision of which to choose belongs to you.


Create your own reading corner and enjoy a good book just as God intended. Comfort, quality, style and warmth are some of the ingredients needed to revel in the delight of your favourite authors, in that special place where everything can happen and where the imagination commands.