The world of interior design and decoration is almost infinite.  From the colours of your walls to your bathroom fixtures, not to mention bedroom curtains or the type of sofa you want for your living room. Nothing is left to chance in the design world, as long as you want to make your house really cool. So in this new blog article, here are some of the latest trends in sofas and armchairs, so you can discover, if you don't already know, what's really "in" at the moment. Ready? Let's go!

Geometric designs are winners

As you may have noticed, geometric shapes in prints, drawings and lots of designs are big trendsetters. We can find this trend in all kinds of home décor articles, like upholstery, home textiles and even in complete structures such as sofas.


Kabuki Collection with geometric patterns from Aquaclean

Classic rectangular shapes, with high backs, or square shapes, rounded shapes and even the boldest pentagonal or triangular designs. All of these imitate the retro-futuristic style, very fashionable in the 70s and now back again to give a modern touch to your rooms with a 100% vintage style.


The more you see it, the better

If something is in fashion, sofas are sure to speak for themselves, filling the room with their eye-catching designs. Just another piece of furniture? No way! Sofas are the centrepieces of the room, so there's nothing better than giving them bright colours with easy-care materials such as vinyl, leather or patent leather, although sometimes these materials can be a little inconvenient.

Some people go even further and use designs that have already become classics – such as the fleshy red Dalí lips that came back into vogue in 2015 – achieving an extravagant touch to lounge decoration.



This is one of the most sought-after sofas today for decorating both homes and businesses.  It has such a unique style that even on its own it can become the star of your decoration scheme if you know how to combine it well with your setup.

The good thing about the Chesterfield, or Chester, is that you can combine its traditional "worn"-effect with bright and vivid printed colours, achieving a unique effect. This makes it one of the bigger trends in decoration this year.


"Retro" is back

As you can see, it's trendy to look back at styles from the past and update them a little, with a little tweaking that converts them into works of art.

This is what is happening with sofas and armchairs in the Art Deco or Versailles styles, where upholstery is modified, or colours are mixed and matched with bright tones that give your living room a fantastic new lease on life.

Maximum independence

Lastly, but no less important, take a look at the trend that uses so-called modular sofas and seats inspired by Swedish designers. These are sofas that you can arrange or "assemble" however you like, in L-shapes, U-shapes or linear arrangements.