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fabrics for living
fabrics for living
fabrics for living


SAFE FRONT® protects as standard against enveloped viruses and bacteria, effectively reducing its activity by more than 91% against untreated fabrics. This shield maintains optimal levels of hygiene on your sofa by acting permanently. SAFE FRONT® has been proved to be a great help against mite allergies since 1999.

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new collections

New collections

aquaclean brings you its new collections for this 2024 season. A range of plain and printed fabrics for the most demanding and sophisticated of tastes. aquaclean has become a benchmark in the world of interior design and decoration nationally and internationally.

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discover our fabrics with Aquaclean Extreme. Perfect fabrics recommended for homes with pets. Enjoy your sofa with complete peace of mind thanks to Aquaclean Extreme, and let your pet do it too... Find your Aquaclean Extreme fabrics store, recommended for homes with pets.

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fabrics for living

Are you tired of seeing your home's fabrics fade and lose their original beauty?

With our innovative technology, you can now keep them looking as good as new.

Discover the secret to perfect home fabrics here

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We’re located in Muro de Alcoi, near the Alicante coast, which is why we love both the sea and the mountains. All our production processes are carried out at our own facilities. Like to come and see us?

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