Upholstery fabrics incorporating Aquaclean Technology® not only help you clean off stains easily with water only, but also allow you to wash your sofa covers in the washing machine.



On our Aquaclean website, you'll find a video gallery on how to clean lots of stains off your sofa with water only, and all the information on our fabric collections, including fabric characteristics and how to get them clean in the washer.

But just to make it easier, here are some of the commonest washing symbols, plus a few washing tips that should come in handy for our sofa fabrics, and maybe for your clothes in general:




    • Do not overload the washer

    • Measure detergent well

    • Use neutral detergents

    • Do not bleach

    • Hand-remove stains first

    • Wash in cold water

    • Protect delicate items

    • Separate fabrics by colour

    • Hang garments inside out

    • Do not wring or squeeze dry

    • Avoid spinning upholstery fabrics

    • Iron inside out


Easy washing, so you enjoy our upholstery and textiles even more!