The living room is usually the main area in the house, where we live, lounge, eat and maybe even sleep, either with family, visitors or by ourselves at times of solitude. It’s therefore the room that transmits the kind of personality the owners want to show – through furniture, order, colours, fabrics and accessories. The living room is normally a true reflection of our personalities.

So if you're thinking of redecorating your living room and want to reflect your personality in every detail, here are a few examples of styles that correspond to each kind of personality.

Minerva 14 Collection (Sofa and Pouffe) - Cheops 13 (armchair) - Samira 16 and Minerva 16 (cushions) in Fashion Book 17 from Visual Textures by Aquaclean.


If you're the flexible type with a good capacity for adapting to changes, your colour range probably revolves around blue. This colour is related to the sea and the sky, not forgetting darker tones or even black, which are ideal for more changeable personalities when it comes to decorating your living room. Different textures combining plains and prints can create the right ambiance for your evenings at home. 

Modular sofas give more freedom of movement and adaptability for use that people like you need in your home.

Lastly, try to place a few photographs, prints or paintings of the sea, with a few accessories in black. You'll see how you feel free to flow in a space like this.

Marina 160 Collection (sofa) - Aneto 04 (armchair) in Book 16-17 from Rustika by Aquaclean.



If you consider yourself to be a practical, enterprising kind of person, who is passionate about new projects, you'll probably need to use colours like ochre and yellow in your decoration schemes. You'll also like using plants and flowers in the living room to enhance these aspects of your personality. 

Try to place some pictures or photos taken from nature, like mountains or jungles. They'll inspire you and lend more strength to your decoration statements.

You can also take a few risks in choosing your sofa, opting for a sturdy 3-seater in a powerful tone. This will most likely go down well with your way of looking at life.


If you're a more creative, cheerful kind of person, you'll surely want to bring nature into your living room in a big way, as it will enhance this features of your personality. Woody hues and images of natural landscapes, or decorating directly with lots of plants, will always match quite well with your outlook on life. 

For your sofa, we can recommend shades like green and darker purple tones. You'll also want to combine textures and finishes. For the rest of your décor, why not opt for grey and beige tones. Just let your imagination flow!


For the more intellectually inclined – those who want to know more to live better – you're likely to be passionate about different cultures and lifestyles. You can reflect this in the decoration of your living room using ornaments and details from around the world. And why not go ahead and place some of those wonderful photographs you've taken on your trips, using them as centrepieces for decorating your lounge. 

As for sofas, choose one with metallic fittings, such as gold or silver, as well as lamps and other occasionals in an industrial style.


People with strong, markedly passionate personalities usually show lots of security and confidence in themselves.

For you, the intense shades of red, orange and pink are great for adding a few touches of colour to your cushions or plaids.

Naomi 316 Collection (sofa) - Matsue 516 and Naomi 316 (cushions) in Fashion Book 16 from Visual Textures by Aquaclean.

You should also try to get maximum daylight into your living room, to keep the mood you want to create, and strengthen this using floor or table lamps, candles, LED lights and what not.

Be sure to go for a risky sofa with a striking personality, to highlight style and design, or opt for eye-catching colours. You won't regret choices like these.