Intratuin Duiven is much more than a garden center. It is a leisure space where you can enjoy a relaxed and discreet environment where the interior designer has managed to combine perfectly the two concepts that make up this construction: plants and gastronomy.


So much so, that the Intratuin Center has become a benchmark for design lovers in the heart of the city of Duiven. A sober but elegant architecture on the outside shelters a whole world of balance and harmony inside.



In addition, a very important space of the center is its select restaurant, Proeftuin, where visitors can enjoy from the most traditional cuisine to the most international, thus becoming an explosion of colours and flavours.


When faced with the challenge of the restaurant, recently inaugurated, the design team chose the combination of fabrics and wood to give it that natural and cozy touch that visitors may expect to find. For this, he selected three colours from the Aquaclean Belaggio collection with its characteristic velvet finish. A soft and delicate touch comparable to the flora that surrounds you. Greens, roses and toasted shades have been the selected tones to dress this contemporary, sophisticated and functional corner where you can enjoy a relaxing moment surrounded by nature.