There's no doubt about it. A home with kids and pets is a happy home, right? But all that joy has its dark side as well, because keeping it clean and tidy can sometimes be a difficult job, if not another mission impossible!

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Minerva 14 (sofa), Keops 13 (armchair) and Samira 16 (cushions) collections from Book 17 of Visual Textures by Aquaclean.

And since children and pets have lots of positive effects on us and make us happy (most of the time), we can't allow a simple stain to be a problem for the family, can we?

Whether we have kids or pets or both at home, we don't want to go crazy in our attempts to maintain order and cleanliness, so we have to follow a set of rules and regulations on behaviour if we want peace in our homes. Whatever the case, since every home is different, and kids' and pet behaviour is really up to the parents, any advice on rules will be good for some, and not so great for others. 

We think good manners are best. Good manners for both kids and pets.


Eden 15 (sofa) and Merida 06 (cushions) collections from Book 16-17 from Rustika by Aquaclean.

But fortunately, the collateral damages inflicted by both children and animals in the home can be solved quite easily thanks to all the technological advances we have available today in the textile trade.

For example, thanks to our Aquaclean Technology®, your children can now snack, paint or play with their pet dog on the sofa, without a care in the world for you, because of the characteristics of the fabric itself, and the possibility of cleaning everything off with water only. Our fabrics also incorporate SAFE FRONT, a fantastic protection against mites, fungi and bacteria that enables you to enjoy your pets on the sofa without any qualms about hygiene.


This is because  Aquaclean always takes your problems into account, and solves them once and for all, with collections already available on the market (Carabu, Diamond, Galatea, Hera, Nacar Nordic)  that make it simple to get rid of pet hair without having to overhaul the entire sofa.

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Yes, it's important to maintain order and cleanliness in the home, but even more important to have fun, play, share and enjoy everything around us, including kids and pets... As long as there are a few limits, right? But now, even if someone steps over those limits, nothing bad is going to happen. Because with Aquaclean and just a little water, your fabric will always look brand new.