Pets are those great furry companions who offer us their unconditional love becoming one of the family. We love to enjoy life with them and to share our favorite spaces of the house without having to worry about anything.

But this sometimes becomes an impossible mission due precisely to its large volume of hair and that our faithful friends are not always as neat and clean as we would like.


Collection Linova 40 (sofa) and Eternity 510 (Cushion) from Fashion Book 15 by Visual Textures from Aquaclean.

The daily battle that involves keeping the home in perfect condition to enjoy it to the maximum no doubt increases with a pet, but we are going to give up all the affection and joys that those little ones bring just for that reason. So, is it impossible to have both our pets and an impeccable home? Not anymore...


Today we will focus on one of the pieces of furniture which suffers the most by the arrival of a pet in our home. We are talking of course, of the armchairs or sofas. The armchair or sofa is usually the centerpiece of the room, which carries more weight in the home because it is usually the nerve center of family gatherings and friends, recreation, cinema, place of rest and for many more reasons…


Collection Linova 40 (sofa) and Eternity 510 (Cushion) from Fashion Book 15 by Visual Textures from Aquaclean.

The sofa is the centre piece with which we interact the most, especially when a pet enters the home since we want to share everything with him/her. Having to give it up because of the hair or the fear of stains and fraying is undoubtedly something that we do not even want to consider, and this is where the dilemma usually comes in: Will I have to cover the sofa with a cover? How can I clean it properly? From now on how am I going to keep the lovely look of my sofa and keep my space tidy and safe from hair, smells and tears?

Today, fortunately, technology has advanced in all fields much more than we think. In the textile sector we can already find fabrics on the market that repel hair and stains. Believe what you read!

We are talking about fabrics with Aquaclean® Technology, an innovative technology that not only removes stains with just a little water, but also, some of its collections are highly recommended for your sofa, for its durability and for being prepared to live with pets. Aitana, Aneto, Carabú, Eden, Lugano, Marina or Merida are just some of the Aquaclean collection ideally suited for your pet to enjoy the sofa as much as you do and most importantly, you live more calmly.


In addition, systems such as Aquaclean Safe Front also offer extra protection against other undesirable intruders such as mites, fungi and bacteria, which can be transported by our pets on their legs.

As you can see, with this type of systems you can really and completely forget about what you’re your pet has licked, smelled or stepped on while walking in the park, and  continue hugging while you both enjoy the comfort of the sofa with peace of mind.

And so it’s clear that cleanliness, hygiene, style and pets are more than possible to have in the same house… in harmony. At Aquaclean we think that the best way to live with your sofa is to enjoy it 100%, not only with your family and friends, but also with your pet.