Sofas have changed and evolved dramatically in recent decades. Proof of this is our innovative Aquaclean Technology®. It’s a technology that protects your sofa fabric by means of an invisible layer that prevents all types of day-to-day stains from sticking around forever.

In just a few years, Aquaclean has become the perfect solution for one of the biggest headaches we have ever experienced – stain removal.

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But if this benefit seems amazing to you, read on, because we have 20 other reasons to convince you to change your sofa and buy one that uses Aquaclean fabrics – the fabric you can clean with water only.

Here they are – we are sure you'll be convinced now.

Aquaclean is proven to extend the lifespan of sofa and chair seats.

Maintaining upholstery using Aquaclean Technology® is simpler, more comfortable and faster than anything else on the market.

Cómo limpiar una mancha de crema de cacao con la Tecnología Aquaclean® from AquaClean Technology on Vimeo.

Aquaclean fabrics can be used on any type and style of sofa, armchair, or chair.

Aquaclean is the perfect choice for those who love having friends and family around on a comfortable sofa.

On our website (How to clean) you can find all the information you need to remove stains using Aquaclean Technology®.

If you have a hotel, cafeteria or restaurant, the fabrics in our CONTRACT by Aquaclean section are undoubtedly your best choice, because your upholstery will always look like new, so you don’t have to go crazy keeping them clean for your customers.

 At Aquaclean we offer you total comfort for fabric maintenance. We make it easy!

If you have pets at home and your sofa upholstery has Aquaclean, you can forget about scratches, hairs and dirt, and enjoy your little darlings with absolutely no worries at all. Aquaclean has fabrics (RUSTIKA BOOK 16-17 and Carabú and Diamond collections) that are highly recommended for pet lovers.


Cleaning our fabrics is totally economical: just use water and a cloth to remove stains: chocolate, wine, blood, mud and many more

After cleaning stains, allow the fabric to dry and you'll see there is no residue or patch or circle that will even remind you there was a stain there once.

We have a wide range of fabrics types for all tastes. Discover them all in our "Choose your fabric" section on our website.

Cómo limpiar una mancha de Vinagre de vino tinto con la Tecnología Aquaclean® from AquaClean Technology on Vimeo.

You can enjoy our innovative technology thanks to an extensive sales network. We are currently present in over 50 countries, and in Spain, you can find us at your nearest furniture store.

Our products offer value for money that is highly competitive on today's market.

With Aquaclean Technology®, you no longer have to remove sofa covers and put them in the washing machine.

Farewell to the fear of spilling liquid on your sofa, because thanks to Aquaclean's composition, no liquid can penetrate the fibres.

Aquaclean Vs Tejidos repelentes comunes from AquaClean Technology on Vimeo.

The products we use in the process of manufacturing our fabrics are free from substances that are harmful to health. They are always eco-friendly.


Accessories such as cushions or pouffes are perfect if they have our technology, because they are the most susceptible to getting dirty.

You stand to gain in comfort and freedom for your family, as you can let your children and pets play wherever they like without worrying about

We have a personalised Customer Attention service that you can use by mail, on our website or by telephone if you have any questions about our technology or our fabrics.

Aquaclean, the fabric you can clean with water only, makes life easier, so your only concern is how to enjoy your time on your sofa with your friends and family.

As you can see, there are lots of reasons for going to your nearest furniture store and buying a couch that's ready for modern life, using Aquaclean Technology®, of course, so that you can live better and more happily. Your kids and your pets will thank you for it...