Keeping your sofa clean is a major concern, because we all want a sofa that always looks perfect and lasts as long as possible.

Aquaclean upholstery fabrics are therefore the best option when it comes to easy maintenance and cleanability, because they incorporate an advanced technology that optimises cleaning and keeping your sofa looking like new.

Aquaclean Technology® makes cleaning off household stains much easier, since you only have to use water and a cloth, which takes much less time than having to remove slipcovers and cushions covers and machine wash them.

And apart from the ease with which marks and stains can be eliminated with water alone, daily or weekly maintenance is simple, since all you have to do is vacuum off any crumbs, dust and hairs.

  • Cleaning with water
  • Cleaning with water and neutral soap
  • Washing in the washing machine, following the instructions below:












Cleaning made easy and simple, so you can enjoy your sofa longer!