The fact that the pace of technology advances at an amazing rate is no secret, but did you know that science does not only apply to our electronic devices?

The field of fabrics is not left behind and is making great progress every day. As proof of this, we have the well-known "intelligent fabrics", fabrics that offer great technological features, and that are cleaner, more breathable, warmer, and better prepared for children, pets and all this modern life that we have to live in. A new future makes its way into the world of textiles, a future that is already a reality, and that already lives among us.


Collections Eden 15 (sofa) and Merida 06 (Cushions) from Book 16/17 by Rustika from Aquaclean

Intelligent fabrics, like many other products, have their origin in the military and the aerospace industry, due to the extreme conditions and the particular needs they face.

As a result of these improvements in fibers, fabrics and garments, together with the recent development of mobile technologies, smart garments begin to appear in the market. These garments are able to measure our body temperature and send this information through mobile applications to the devices that regulate the temperature of our homes, in order to adapt to our thermal needs, achieving a completely comfortable environment.


Collections Naomi 213 (sofa), Matsue 321 and Naomi 324 (Cushions) from Book 16 by Visual Textures from Aquaclean

These types of futuristic technologies do not stop here, because there already exists in the market, a host of intelligent fabrics that will soon be available to everyone, making our lives so much easier. For example, sensors can already be inserted in the insoles of our shoes to alert us in case of a fall, something very useful for the elderly or those with mobility problems. Aircrafts are no longer manufactured with materials such as aluminum, but they use fibers of great technological complexity, and the t-shirts of the future will not only be able to measure our pulse, but will also detect our mood.

manchas sofa

Types of stains that simply disappear with water from our fabrics, thanks to our innovative Aquaclean® Technology

For us to enjoy these advances, more typical of science fiction films, it is necessary for textile and technological to fuse together in order to lower costs. But fortunately, not all of these fibers are so far out of reach. From Aquaclean we want to bring you our latest technological advances in fabrics and fibres for sofas. Aquaclean® Technology  is an advanced protection for the upholstery of our sofas, guarding them from the occasional stains of everyday life thanks to an invisible barrier at a molecular level that prevents the passage of dirt.



Coating of the fibers of our fabrics with Aquaclean® Technology

Aquaclean protection is part of the fabric itself, covering it fiber to fiber, preventing dirt from penetrating the fabric and facilitating the cleaning of a large number of stains such as coffee, wine, ketchup, butter, jam and many more , and thus avoiding the use of washing machines and abrasive cleaning products. So with Aquaclean® Technology and a little water, there is no stain that can resist us!


Simply with a little water you can say goodbye to stains... with Aquaclean® Technology

The fabrics and fibers of the future are here, and they are here to stay to make your life easier. At Aquaclean, we want to be part of this technological revolution giving the best solution to meet the needs of our customers, offering them Aquaclean fabrics, to be able to live life on the sofa 100% without any worries of any kind.