Thanks to the technological advances of the industry more improvements are delivered each time and we gain more protection and help against fire, stains or mites. But at the same time the importance is about moving forward, many times this same industry forgets the most important thing: our security.

And nowadays, chemical products are a great ally, but misuse of them, either by ignorance or simply by earning more money, can turn them into a danger to our health and that of our family.


This is the case of the so-called PFC's, chemicals from the family of perfluorocarbons that act as repellents. These chemicals are used in the packaging of many foods, as well as in fabrics for sportswear or in the upholstery of sofas or armchairs, to repel liquids.

For several years, different associations such as Greenpeace have been investigating and highlighting the danger that entails for both humans and our environment, as well as the use of PFCs, since our bodies being in direct contact with them absorbs them and cannot eliminate them quickly and completely, which can lead to the development of diseases.


According to a scientific study by the prestigious journal Human Reproduction, the high levels of these chemicals in the body are directly linked to a greater difficulty in women who are pregnant. In addition, another study conducted in 2008 by the Generalitat de Catalunya found that PCF’s accumulate mainly in the liver and the blood, and that their expulsion by the kidney is very slow (it may take up to 4 years), so they can cross the placenta and accumulate in the liver of the fetus without any problem.

Europe has regulated and banned the use of the most harmful PFC’s in living beings. Even so, organisations like Greenpeace continue to warn in their report "Leaving a trace" presented last 2016, of the presence of these types of chemicals: for example, in clothing and mountain gear even from well known brands such as The North Face.


With regard to sofa and armchair upholstery, in countries like the United States they are much more permissive than in Europe to the use of PFC’s. A study carried out by Duke University and the Green Science Policy Institute last year, in which the foam of 101 sofas bought in the USA was analyzed between 1984 and 2010, it showed that 85% still contained some toxic retardant chemical.

For our part, at Aquaclean we are always in search of the latest technological advances to achieve a product that is not only elegant and of the highest of quality, but that is also practical, resistant and as safe as possible, we do not use PFC's in any of our products to ensure maximum fabric quality without endangering our health or the environment.


In our laboratories we perform the necessary tests to obtain the quality seals that certify that all our fabrics and their manufacturing processes are totally harmless to your health and that you can enjoy them 100% with the guarantee of a company that cares for you and for the environment that surrounds you.