For those of you who love your pets and cannot conceive life without them, you'll feel totally identified with us when we talk about how difficult it sometimes is to find the right furniture for your living room, and be able to share it with your pet. 

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Linova (40), Euforia (510) and Eternity (510) collection from Book 15 of Visual Textures by Aquaclean

It's already complicated to decorate a home nicely if you think about styles, tastes, space, trends, functionality, comfort, price and many other things, but just imagine what it's like for those who also have to think about fur, hairs, scratches and even occasional eschatological derivatives!

No complaints intended, because if you ask anyone with a pet, you'll find they won't get rid of it for the world. But can't we find the right balance between humans and pets and living together? We think we can. It's called pets, sofas, armchairs, curtains and me! It's not impossible any more.

Fortunately, today we can combine pets with elegant furniture and never have to worry about it looking tacky or soiled. Technology has advanced a great deal in all fields, including the textile industry, so it is relatively easy to find fabrics that will make our lives much, much easier.


Kento (12), Otaru (11) and Iruma (14) collections from Book 11 of Visual Textures by Aquaclean

Among these innovative fabrics, we can find versions that are specifically designed to repel cat and dog hair. The problem is not just the anti-hygienic armchair or sofa covered with hair, but the fact that they stick all over the place and even wind up in the soup.

And if we add to armchair and sofa fabrics a layer of specially flexible fibres that prevent pet claws from penetrating, we can forget about the problem of getting mad at the cat for having frayed the back of our favourite armchair.


And of course the other inconvenience of sharing space with four-footed friends is the tiresome problem of spots and stains. Dirt may be everywhere... but you really notice it when it turns up on your favourite spot on the sofa, right?

Our dogs and cats are not always as clean as we would like them to be (but maybe that's our fault), and dogs can bring back traces of dirt and grime from the street, which end up staining our brand-new upholstery and ruining our day.

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But, again, Aquaclean Technology® comes to the rescue and provides fabrics that can be quickly cleaned using just a little water and a cloth, leaving your sofa upholstery just like new, without having to remove anything and cart it to the washing machine and then the dryer... From Aquaclean we specifically recommend our Carabu and Diamond collections ( so you can enjoy your sofa without a worry in the world. In addition, you can find this type of fabric in some of our Book RUSTIKA 16-17 collections

We all agree that sofas are for enjoying life, and sharing time with our pets. So forget about tacky slipcovers and enjoy a sofa that's always brand-new, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Just be sure that your sofa upholstery uses our magic Aquaclean Technology®.