In today's blog we'll be talking about ourselves, because we want to give you all the information on Aquaclean: what it is, how it works and why everyone who tries this innovative technology falls in love with it instantly.

Aquaclean sounds great, but what is it, really?

Aquaclean is the name we have given to our own technology, which is unique in the world, created in our laboratories and patented by Aquaclean Group. It is a revolutionary fabric treatment that enables fabric to be cleaned easily, quickly and conveniently in just a few minutes and with only a little water and a cloth. Sounds good, right? Well if you like this idea, read on...


For us, simplicity and functionality are very important, because we want you, as a user of this technology, to feel safe, protected and unconcerned about stains, so can really enjoy your sofa or armchairs with family and friends. Your kids want to eat pizza on the couch? No problem. Your friends like celebrating a birthday on your comfy sofa? Go ahead. Your dog wants to curl up with you in your favourite armchair? That's not a problem for us! When you're all worried about possible stains and damage, you won't enjoy the moment. And that is exactly what Aquaclean allows you to do. We want you to enjoy every important occasion at home 100%.


But how exactly does it work?

Aquaclean Technology® is an advanced protective treatment that has been applied to the upholstery of your sofa. This treatment covers every single fibre with an invisible molecular layer that prevents stains (liquid or solid) from adhering to the fabric, i.e., it facilitates the removal of the stain simply using water even several hours after staining, unlike fabrics that merely have a liquid repellent.

The cleaning process is very simple and fast. First of all, remove the excess stain remains, i.e., left-over chocolate, tomato, butter, dirt or whatever.

Then just apply a little water over the stain, either directly or on a damp cloth. Wait a few seconds, then pat the stain with the cloth and rub gently over the fabric in a circular motion. And that's that! The stain disappears as if by magic without any fuss.


What if I don't want to remove the stain at 2 in the morning? Well, just go to bed, and next morning you can remove it just as easily, whenever you want, because the treatment is just as effective at the time of staining as it is after 24 hours.

And, what's more...

Yes, we've thought of everything, including of course environmental concerns, because Aquaclean Technology® is a product that is Made in Green® certified – a seal that guarantees that no harmful substances are used in the fabric or the manufacturing process for this product. It's 100% eco-friendly.


But if you still have any doubts about this fantastic Aquaclean Technology®, ask us whatever you want, and we'll be happy to answer. And don't forget, you can discover our wide range of collections using this innovative technology in the "Choose your fabric" section. And if it's love at first sight, don't worry, we´ll see you at any of our stores!