There's no doubt that sofas are one of our favourite pieces of furniture, because they allow us to rest comfortably in different positions while spending time with the family, watching a movie or just enjoying a good book.

For some, just lying on the couch for a while after lunch or dinner is one of the greatest pleasures we can experience, whereas getting up afterwards to go to bed is a real drag! “And I was soooo comfortable…!”

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And although some of us are really into resting and relaxing on the sofa, there are many detractors who think that sleeping on it is bad for you. We think this is an urban legend, so why not read this article in which we unveil a mystery over which some people lose too much sleep!

After a hard day's work, while we're watching TV, many of us succumb to sleep and simply drop off. We just fall asleep on the sofa without realizing it, and then we have to transfer to the bed – sometimes being told off or scolding ourselves for being so tired – and then it's difficult to fall asleep again. If this process repeats itself night after night, it is true that our rest hours can be seriously affected, and as a consequence, our performance the next day goes down drastically.

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The key to the issue is not where you rest best – sofa or bed – but rather the quality of your rest wherever you may be. In fact, your sofa might even be better than your bed, meaning that sleeping peacefully and even spending the night on it will not necessarily wreck your body the next day, because you may sleep even more comfortably on your couch than in your own bed.

You have to take into account the position you sleep in. If your sofa is not big enough for you to stretch out fully, or your armrests are too high, the quality of your sleep will be worse than in bed, because your cervical area and lower back will get too tense and cause discomfort and even pain.


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Another aspect to bear in mind are the cushions you use, because if your cervical area does not have adequate support, you are surely going to notice it the following day.

The actual seat area of your sofa, or even an armchair, is another highly important point to remember, for optimum rest and relaxation. If your sofa base is worn by long use or simply poor quality and starts sagging and sinking, your body is going to be affected, just like we mentioned above.

Time is definitely your couch's worst enemy – and yours. If your sofa is over 9 years old, it is time for you to make an aesthetic change and, even more importantly, to invest in your health.

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All these tips are really about the importance of having a quality sofa, because although we spend much of our time in bed, the sofa is the second most frequented place for stretching out and resting at home.

As you can see, falling asleep on the sofa does not necessarily have to be such a bad thing. It depends more on the "how" than on the "where". So if you love enjoying your sofa or your armchair, don't try to cut corners. Invest in quality, and enjoy some really good rest on your couch!