NEXUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is a benchmark in the education sector in Singapore. Based on the new STEAM methodology (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), the school relies on innovative and flexible spaces that improve students' learning experience.

Within the STEAM concept; furniture is essential in order to facilitate this new teaching method. The school therefore turned to professionals to make its new campus in Aljunied a dynamic and flexible place to learn. The aim was to focus on developing students’ potential while bearing safety standards in mind.

That is why Kian Contract, an industry leader in bespoke furniture, was selected for the task. Its focus on quality, trust and dedication to its clients is well known in this part of the world.

The Kian Team is constantly on the lookout for smart solutions to make life easier for their clients and invests in advanced technology, logistics, materials, and processes to save costs, maintenance, time, and space. Therefore Kian partnered with Aquaclean because “it's a durable material with assured quality. In addition, the range of colors is wide so every client can always find what they are looking for", says Linda Neo, project manager.

Aquaclean fabrics were chosen for the project, mainly because of the extensive color range but above all, because of its excellent maintenance and easy cleaning properties. This is crucial when so many people will regularly use the furniture. 

Aquaclean’s unique features are synonymous with durability - thanks to its innovative technology the fabrics are kept in perfect condition so every sofa and chair always looks brand new. 

Each room has been customised with a collection and a carefully chosen chromatic color range, designed to create an innovative environment that engages and motivates learning. Aquaclean guarantees colors fastness over time, thus facilitating the objective of the designers by empowering and maintaining students' concentration in each space through colors.

Another factor that has contributed to choosing the Aquaclean collections for this project was SAFE FRONT®, a technology that ensures hygiene by reducing the activity of viruses, bacteria and dust mites. It’s crucial that technology like Safe Front is taken into account on projects like this to ensure the safety of those using the furniture. This feature of Aquaclean fabrics favors durability, especially in high-traffic sites, avoiding allergies and reducing odors. Selecting Aquaclean with SAFE FRONT® means finding the perfect balance between the beauty and functionality of an environment while also creating a space that offers peace of mind.

SAFE FRONT® is the perfect solution for CONTRACT spaces as it responds to the new concerns all professionals have, thanks to unique and exclusive features that prevent viruses, dust mites and bacteria from living and reproducing in the fabrics.