From Ecuador comes the work of the decorator Iliana Palau, a professional in the Latin American interior design sector who is characterised by the elegance and functionality of the spaces she creates.

In the words of this interior designer, decoration “is my passion, and I love what I do”. This is evident in all her work, and especially in this single-family house in one of the finest areas of Quito (Ecuador).

For Iliana, a client's trust is an important part of achieving spectacular results. Trust is key in creating environments designed to be enjoyed to the full, because “every time I enjoy a client's trust, they give me the necessary space to create a whole palace”.

In all spaces in this house, Iliana specified Aquaclean CONTRACT fabrics which according to her, “gave us a great range of styles”, which fitted perfectly into the design of each of the environments. Headboards, vertical decoration (curtains and voile) in bedrooms and living rooms, upholstered armchairs, sofas and chairs, accessories such as cushions... Yes, it looks like Aquaclean has taken complete command of this home, from front door to back.

Iliana Palau has managed to convert every spot of this magnificent home into a place where the owners can enjoy life without worrying about occasional stains or blemishes, thanks to our innovative Aquaclean Technology®, the fabric you can clean with water alone.

With the help of SMARTDECOR, a leading importer of innovative and trendy textile products aimed at the interior decoration trade in Ecuador, Iliana Palau selected the ideal materials and colours for each of the spaces, creating a unique and special environment where this family can enjoy life with no worries at all.