For AquacleanGroup, innovation and development are keystones for ongoing growth in the company. This is why we adapt the latest technologies in the trade to answer increasingly sophisticated demands from consumers worldwide. Thanks to the heavy investments made by AquacleanGroup in this field, we have been able to develop Aquaclean Technology, a revolutionary technology for sofa and seating upholstery fabrics that only uses water to clean all kinds of stains from our fabrics in three simple steps.

Thanks to ongoing development and investments in R&D&I, at AquacleanGroup we now offer a series of technologies and advances in the textile trade that makes us stand out from the competition.


This unprecedented technology owned by AquacleanGroup can be applied to fabrics and enables consumers to clean away stains using water only. A whole series of Group brands use the Aquaclean treatment in their products to achieve outstanding results, in both efficiency and sales.


This technology, also owned by AquacleanGroup, is intended to combat the presence of mites, mildew and bacteria in upholstery products, preventing the onset of allergies and other associated problems.


This is a fabric protection system for liquids and stains. It is based on in-house technology developed to provide a waterproof barrier for fabrics while preserving their breathability.